This year Brush Park Rovers are hosting Holy C.R.A.P. ..That's the Sydney North Region Christmas Rover Annual Party!

Starting at 7pm at Brush Park Scout Hall.

Come along for a great night so celebrate both Christmas and another year of fantastic rovering :)
Come dressed up as anything holy, prizes for best dressed, as well as the ROSCARS :)

Tickets are only 10 BUCKS!!!!! Until Epping's Casino night, when they might go up to $15, depending on numbers :) The quicker you get your tickets, the more likely they are to stay cheaper for everyone else :)

Tickets include dinner. As awesomely themed of us it would be to just serve bread and wine, it would also be slightly irresponsible :P So you will be dining on some delicious roast beef rolls and some hectic salads.

For tickets, contact any friendly Brush Park Rover, or call Emily on 0433 621 239.

We will coming around to visit your crews and such shortly!

Jesus wouldn't want you to miss out!

DIRECT DEPOSIT DETAILS Make sure to include your name and send an email to letting us know that you have done so.

Account Name: Scout Accociation of Australia (NSW) Brush Park Rover Crew

BSB: 032-080

A/C#: 810 703